First time India? These tips may help you…

Is this your first visit to this beautiful land – India? The country itself is so diverse that people who are going to visit, have hundreds of queries & doubts running through their minds. To answer some of your basic queries we have compiled some general tips, which will help you in having a wonderful trip:

1)            “Namaste” is the national greeting of India.

2)            You should respect every religion, ritual & culture here.

3)            Cheap is not always good. You may be scammed.

4)            Be suspicious of people especially at railway stations, who claim themselves as the Govt. officials. They ask you for the tickets & then say that your train has been cancelled. Always ask for their ID & talk to people in the office within station premises.(Rail station scams are most common scams in India)

5)            Ladies should cover their head, legs & arms while entering places of religious/spiritual interest.

6)            Always look around, whenever you cross a road. We Indians may come from anywhere.

7)            Avoid mingling up with strangers while travelling in trains.

8)            Don’t put your gadgets on charging while sleeping.

9)            Never carry any leather item while visiting any religious place. Items like wallet, belt, shoes & tobacco are prohibited.

10)        In case of distress or emergency, woman can contact women helpline at 1091.

11)        Don’t smoke in public areas. You may be fined up to INR 20,000 ($ 334).

12)        Emergency numbers – 100(Police) & 102(Ambulance).

13)        The average driving speed is 50 km/hr. Some westerners presume that they can cover 200 kms in 2 hours. That is not the case here.

14)        Southern part maintains moderate temperature through out the year. Upper Himalayan regions are always cold. The central, western & northern part faces variation in seasons. Though October-March is best time to visit India.

15)        Electricity standards are 230 V & 50 Hz AC.

16)        Avoid spicy Indian food for the first few days. You may ask for “Daal Chawal” at restaurants. It is simple, cheap, easy to digest & available through out the country.

17)        Always use a prepaid taxi or a taxi for which the fare is already negotiated.

Things worth try:

1)        Travel in Indian trains, a lifetime experience.

2)        Visit to a Gurudwara (Sikh temple).

3)        To get a glimpse of real India, visit a small village & stay with a local family.

4)        Attend a Indian wedding.

5)        Eat atleast once at a road side Dhaba.

6)        Get a Heena tattoo on your hand.

7)        Dress up in a Saree.

8)        Try your hands on pottery, cooking or some other art.

Our India is a beautiful country with warm & hospitable people. Every man here is not a rapist & every Indian is not going to sell you something. We respect our guests like God. That is why we have a saying “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Guest is God).

Be little cautious & you will have endless sweet memories. 🙂

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