Authentic Indian Experiences

“One who visits India, never forgets it.” 

Though there are many common travel routes in India like Golden Triangle Tour but to justify the above quote you need to  experience the India in small towns and villages. These are the places where the various traditions & rituals are being preserved from centuries.

The Indian culture is so diverse that there is a significant variation in language, traditions, festivals, cuisines & art for every 40 miles. We celebrate more than 200 festivals in a year. Anyhow, if you are lucky enough to plan a visit to these small places, you may get a chance to enjoy bullock cart ride, attend some wedding rituals, get a hair cut under mango tree, eat at road side Dhabas, celebrate festivals with local family, watch daily routine of a village woman, do some yoga & get some natural wellness treatment or see how a village court works.

We at Virsa Travels, strive to provide our guests the true insights of Indian culture. Over the past years, we have included some handpicked authentic Indian experience for our guests. Please check below the handful of authentic Indian experiences and ask us to include them(any) in your upcoming tour.

Slum Tour

Cooking class with a local family

Get a henna tattoo

Celebrate festival with Indian family

Visit local market for street food

Horse cart ride

Walking tour in local market

Attend an Indian wedding

Cultural dance show

Boat ride in Varanasi

Homestay with a local family

Camel ride in rural village

Ayurvedic body massage

Local village visit

Introduction to daily yoga

Local music live show in Rajasthan